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Active as of September 2023 (listed on our facebook page and soon our website).


Hello to all our wonderful clients, old and new! We would like to let everyone know about our after-hours

emergency services and our policy regarding this service.


We want to be there for your pets when they need us outside normal business hours! If you’d like to be eligible for the benefits of after-hours services, you must be an active client at TRVS. The definition of “Active client” means we have seen at least ONE of your pets in the last 12 months. (This doesn’t even have to be the pet that we see on emergency***) We will not provide you with our after-hours services if you are an “inactive client”, meaning we have NOT seen any of your animals in over 12 months.


***For large animals, if we have not seen one of your large animals in over 12 months for annual care (PREVENTATIVE CARE), we will not typically see your large animal for emergencies.


To contact our after-hours emergency service, please call our hospital number and follow the prompt. You will be forwarded to Guardian Vets, an emergency on-call service who takes our after-hours calls and talks with you about what is wrong with your pet. They will then call whichever doctor is on call and get you in touch with them. The doctors will schedule a time to meet you at the clinic in Hoboken. We do not usually do late night farm calls for our large animal patients. We will require you to haul in your pet to the clinic to be seen! Our doctors here at TRVS are on call until 10pm EST on weekdays and 6am-10pm EST on weekends and holidays. Any other emergencies outside these hours will be referred to Jacksonville emergency clinics.


One of the many benefits we have about our hospital is that we offer these after-hours services, and we just request that you see us for your regular annual care to receive these benefits. This goes for our small and large animal patients!


We hope you understand and look forward to seeing you and your pets at our hospital! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email our office.



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